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The Effectiveness of Training Parents based on Positive Parenting in High School Female Students

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Nasim Gholipour, Salmenaz Azimi* and Neda Rahmati

The Effectiveness of parenting Education on the basis of positive childbirth in high school students this study is from correlation type. The study population of all drug users the sample (n=100) selected by available sampling method from drug addiction treatment center (SHAFA), the city Addiction prisons and camps. To measure the variables of the study, craving for heroin questionnaires Tiffany et al, intolerance of ambiguity Lin et al, perfectionism Hill et al, and self- regulation Brown et al and for the analysis of results, correlation and regression variables were used. Pearson correlation analysis showed that there is positive significant relationship between intolerance of ambiguity and substance abuse (r=0/44). Regression analysis results showed that from between studied variables, intolerance of ambiguity can predict variation from% 47 percent of drug addict’s changes. According to research findings, we can say, those with a low tolerance for ambiguity are more likely to experience abuse. And It can be concluded that low ambiguity tolerance as an important psychological factor in predicting drug abuse people's willingness to act Attention to the important role they can have self- regulation’ substance. And there is no significant relationship between perfectionism, self- regulation and substance abuse. This study did not align with the results of previous research and theoretical approaches that the reason may be noted such as present limitations on the study way, and the difference in population and used tools, different theoretical approaches, the social and cultural structure of society and scientific relativism.