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Energy and Memory Optimization of Packet Classification based on Address Indexing TCAM in Network Routers

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Mahshid shahramfard* and Vahid rostami

One of the major mechanisms of network devices, grouping of packet classification that is wideused on the internet to implement firewalls in the network services of classification include access control and quality of service is used. One of the ways to packet classificationare usual used, using methods based on ternary content addressable memory (TCAM. ¬), this memory have a very high speed, so it has practically become a standard. TCAM entry package with all the rules stored in memory in parallel to compare the trio format. The major problem TCAM, energy consumption is high two examples of the architecture of (BSOL2 ) and (BSOL-RC ) is for improvement. In this paper, the architecture of classifiers effective in terms of memory and energy package (MEO-PC) have provided. In the first phase of the proposed method (MEO-PC), a grouping of hardware and secondly, TCAM block are classified depending on the input for the implementation of the rules very few of them are active. The proposed method VHDL language and synthesis tools and simulation Modelism Quartus 8.1 is used. The results from lower power consumption and memory and also increases the speed of updates.The results of the power and memory consumption by as much as 89 percent and 86 percent, respectively, showing a significant improvement is the proposed method than previous methods.