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Choosing the right strategy for manufacturing companies in the provision of energy prices in the electricity market

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Majid Yar* and Javad Nikookar

In the electrical energy market, price is the most important signal to all production units and each unit is to maximize profits makes bid. The independent operator market with network constraints apply is balance. Power plant at the bid price, more coordination between the operation of power plants, Select power plant and the electricity market bidding strategies smarter In addition to implementing the procedures followed for the accumulation of power plants, including ones Executive pay practices that can be turned on and off of power plants Assist in the selection of suitable plants bidding strategy, Therefore, the best strategy and mechanism to promote privatization project in the energy economy is a stock market launch. Regional power companies and power plants as the seller of this product in stock should consider energy Please have the appropriate price. Since these companies can sell their electricity alone at the Energy Exchange Or at the day of the sale by managing the power grid, electricity production to sell, we should take heed When selling stock at a price of alternative energy that are facing the same selling price is to manage the network. System studied in this thesis consists of eight hypothetical power plant with a maximum output is 54,000 MW, In order to assess the best strategy, multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for finding the best strategy is used And the amount of power provided to the stock exchange to the total capacity of the three levels of 20% and 50% and 70% were simulated, Among the strategies outlined in the end, be submitted to the stock exchange to the total capacity of the unit by 50 percent (γ = 50%), Proper strategy for manufacturing companies were selected in the provision of energy prices in the electricity market.