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Review of some projects connected with of fundamental laws of physics

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Stanislav I. Konstantinov

Recognising the space environment (neo-ether) as a new corporeal entity provides the humankind with an inexhaustible source for conceptual innovations in many domains. Instantaneous transmission of the information and energy to anywhere in The Solar System, gravity control, generating unlimited amounts of electrical energy at subatomic level, fundamentally new electric motors, the power reactors on the basis of cold nuclear fusion (CNF). Formal science had not recognised new physical phenomena; nevertheless, many of those projects have been already in a stage of their technological implementation.

Application of Poisson Integral Formula on Solving Some Definite Integrals

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Chii-Huei Yu*, Tsai-Jung Chen and Tsung-Ming Chen

This paper studies six types of definite integrals and uses Maple for verification. The closed forms of these definite integrals can be obtained mainly using Poisson integral formula. On the other hand, some examples are used to demonstrate the calculations.

A Survey on Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sink: Application

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Farhoud Jafari Kaleibar*, Mazaher Kianpour and Saba Darvishi

Wireless sensor networks, includes thousand’s of sensor nodes which usually use multi-hop communication to transmit sensed data to base station. As a result sensors near the sink will deplete their energy quickly and the sink will be isolated from the network. To mitigating this problem one of the possible solutions is to move sink all around the network. Sink mobility causes some challenging issues in WSNs which make it impossible to use classic routing protocols of Wireless sensor networks with static sink. In this paper, we listed several routing protocols for WSNs with mobile sink to see how they deal with challenges. The aim of this survey is to consider, best solutions for challenges and important factors in developing new protocols. Finally, we have comparative analysis of mobile sink routing protocols