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“Journal of Computer and Electeronic Sciences (JCES)”


The Journal of Computer and Electeronic Sciences (JCES) has the mission to publish original research papers, related to science and technology such as power and energy, Compiler Design, Computer Architecture and Real time Systems, Computer Education, Modeling and Simulation, Multimedia Systems and Services, Natural Language Processing, Networking and Communications, Networks Design, Network Protocols and Network Management, Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Security and Information Assurance, Soft Computing (AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, etc.), Theoretical Computer Science, Web and Internet Computing , Data Base Management, Enabling technologies for pervasive systems (e.g., wireless BAN, PAN), Encryption, Energy-efficient and green pervasive computing, Event-based, Evolutionary computing and intelligent systems, Expert approaches, Fuzzy algorithms, Fuzzy logics, GPS and location-based applications, Green Computing, Grid Networking, Knowledge management, Location Based Services, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing and Applications, Mobile networks and services, speech processing, video processing and analysis, object recognition, classification, feature extraction, parallel and distributed computing, cognitive systems, interaction, robotics, digital libraries and content, and so on., written by researchers from universities and research organizations, which are a real contribution to knowledge. Manuscripts are peer reviewed in order to maintain high scientific standards. 

Abbreviation: J. Comp & Elect. Sci

Publisher: Blue Apple Publications