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Analyzing Marketing Strategies During Recessions, in A Class Sport clubs in Mashhad

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M.R. Ismaeelzadeh*, T.Bidel, H. Ghassabi and M. Hoveydafard

The purpose of this study was analyzing marketing strategies during recessions, top-notch sport clubs in Mashhad. This study is a descriptive through a survey research. The statistical population included managers of sports clubs were in the city of Mashhad, which number 94. Due to the limited number of society, all individuals were selected as sample. Research tool include a questionnaire marketing strategy of Hosseini and colleagues (1390) that its validity in research of Hosseini et al (1390) was confirmed and in this study, according to the changes and differences in population by ten professors of sport management was confirmed. The reliability of the questionnaire by Cronbach's alpha coefficient was calculated 0.98 which indicate high reliability of the research instrument. To test the data of distributed questionnaires one sample Student t-test and Friedman test for ranking each factor was used. The results showed that the process highest priority, and assets and physical facilities are the last priority during the recession. As well as managers of sports clubs differentiation strategy and development, to lead the fees and would rather restrictive strategy.

Prediction marketing effectiveness by using internal marketing in federations of skate in the Islamic Republic of Iran

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M.R. Ismaeelzadeh*, H. Doostmohammadi, S. Ghenaati and K. Faraee

The purpose of this study was prediction marketing effectiveness by using internal marketing in federations of skate in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This study is descriptive correlational study. The study population included employees skate Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose number was 169, and given the limitations of society, all individuals were selected as sample. The research tools included two questionnaires of internal marketing Bansal et al. (2001) and Kotler Marketing Strategy Questionnaire (1997) that the validity of research tools by ten professors of sport management review and were approved. Reliability of research by Cronbach alpha test for internal marketing, 0.95, and 0.89 for the questionnaire of marketing strategy, calculation and approved. To analysis of research data, descriptive statistical tests, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, independent t-test, correlation and regression were used. Results showed that internal marketing and its components were significantly predictive of marketing effectiveness in the skate federation.

Determine relating subsidence and extraction of oil in naft-Shahr oil area by INSAR method

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Jafar Rafiee* and Morteza Sedighi

Subsidence as a geometric hazard has reached a critical level in some parts of the Iran in recent years (Behniafar and et al, 2010). Gradual and sudden subsidence of ground is affected by natural the ground mainly due to the extraction of fluids such as water and oil (Ranjbar and et al, 2009) Subsidence is continuation for long periods of time can cause irreparable damage to building, road, bridge, pipeline and transmission lines. Different method such as precise leveling, the GPS and remote sensing technology are utilized to monitor subsidence (Akhundi.M, 2005). The use of remote sensing in different sciences related to geology is more common compare to the ground method because of the wide courage of satellite images, their accessibility and update as well as their low cost. One of the uses of INSAR control and monitor the displacement of earth crust as the result of phenomena such as earthquake, landslide and subsidence. For monitoring this phenomenon fourteen satellite images from 2004 to 2010 have been used, furthermore the DEM of the area, which was previously prepared, was also employed, in order to process the image SARPACE software in the platform of EN.v14.8 was used. Finally, the rate of subsidence average was calculated through adjustment by least it was equal 10 centimeter per year. The overall process was done by forming is interfrogram and performing filtration.

Typology of Components of the Corresponded Physique-Identity Structure in Yazd Historical Context

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Farnaz Javadi* and Hossein Noormohamadzad

As stated by the ‘structure theory’, components of a phenomenon are related to each other by transformators, around regulators and in adherence to principles, to create the structure of that phenomenon. Therefore identity is a total, comprised of language, art, and thought that are related to each other by transformators, around regulators and in adherence to principles, which create the identity structure. Similarly, the physique structure of the city is the result of the structure of its material, its form and its content; which are related to each other by transformators, around regulators and in adherence to principles. It seems that the physique structure of Yazdi historical context has been designed in compliance with some types. This study is about to answer the question: What are the types of components of the corresponded structure of physique-identity in Yazd historical context? And how these types can be identified? Studying this context has been done through studying the samples in three levels. The research has been performed by survey, descriptive and correlative methods. After describing the characters of the structure components and calculating the correlation between them, similarities of the characters are categorized based on two characteristics and represented as types of the corresponded structure of physique-identity in Yazd historical context.

The Relationship between Brand Special Value on Brand Preferences and Consumer Purchase Intent from the Vision of Consumers of Sportswear

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L. Jeddi

The present study aimed to study the relationship between brand special value on brand preferences and Consumer purchase intent from the vision of consumers of sportswear. The statistical population included athletes they have more than five years, experience in sport and because of the unlimited society, according to Morgan table 386 people were selected as sample. Measuring instruments consisted of a questionnaire (self-made) of Sports Brand special value and Sport Brand Preference. The validity evaluated by ten experts of sports management and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha test and was calculated 0.88. To analyze research data Kolmogorov-Smirnov test in addition to descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and structural equation model was used. The results showed that the four dimensions of brand special value have significant effect on the sports brand preference and brand preferences influence significantly the decision to buy. According to the results, it is necessary to sports brand owners, to increase its market share and changing consumer buying behavior, by changing its brand special value, change consumer shopping preferences and their view to products.