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A feasibility study on the establishment of the town of specialized urban waste recycling using analytical hierarchy process in the province of Golestan, Iran

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Abdolrashid Gharanjik*, Sahebe keramati yazdi, seyed Hassan Rasouli, Abdolghaffar Gharanjik

Considering that Golestan Province due to climate and ecosystems is a unique place with severe restrictions on landfill suffering, solid waste management an emphasis on creating specialized town of recycling seems very important, because in addition to reducing waste disposal problems caused by massive production in the province, is considered from various aspects of health, environmental, economic, employment, etc.In this study, due to the focus of the population in the province 4 city, Gorgan, Bandar e Torkaman, Gonbad e Kavos, Aliabad Katol (about 63% of the province population), the amount of solid wastes were assessed and prioritized the appropriate alternatives for establishment of the town of specialized urban waste recycling using analytical hierarchy process.Generally, production in these cities is the amount of paper and paperboard 52.68 ton per day, plastic 49.74 ton per day, PET 5.4 ton per day, metals 6.04 ton per day, glass 7.41 ton per day, rubber 2.89 ton per day.According to the priorities and criteria, such as the distance, population density, the volume of waste and geographic conditions, respectively, Gorgan, Gonbad e Kavos, Aliabad Katol and Bandar e Torkaman have priority in the establishment of specialized urban waste recycling town.

Evaluation of Customers Loyalty and Relationship with the Brand in Facilities of Water in Mashhad

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M. Zarif*, M.R. Ismaeelzadeh and M. Khorsandi Fard

The purpose of this study was evaluation of customer’s loyalty and its relationship with the brand in facilities of water in Mashhad. This research is descriptive analysis, was performed. In this study, a standard questionnaire to measure customer loyalty of Taylor (2004), which required changes in three areas of behavioral loyalty, attitudinal loyalty and Investmental loyalty. The validity after the reconstruction, by ten sports management were reviewed and approved. Its reliability was calculated by Cronbach's alpha coefficient, is 0.93 which represents the reliability of the questionnaire. The population of this study is customers of facilities of water in Mashhad, which for a week at least once, and in 1395, when more than six months, as customers have used the facilities of water is formed and the number of community based on Morgan table for unlimited community, 386 people were selected as sample. To analyze the data, descriptive and inferential statistics including Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistical test, Pearson correlation and regression were used. Finding showed all variables related to the brand, significantly, was effective on behavioral, investmental and attitudinal loyalty, and predictable of them.

Evaluating the Performance of Facilities of Pools of Mashhad Based on EFQM Model

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M. Zarif*, H. Fahim Devin and M. Khorsandi Fard

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance facilities of water in Mashhad using the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management. This is a survey and descriptive research. The population consisted of: directors, managers and employees facilities of water in Mashhad that their number is 2,000. The sample size of 322 patients was calculated through Morgan table. In this study, self-assessment questionnaire Cooperative Management Excellence Award, based on the Excellence Model, to evaluate the performance facilities of water in Mashhad, based on the EFQM model were used. Finding showed greatest strengths, which is organization, it should be emphasized that, in the standards process and product or service and the most important weaknesses in the measures that organizations need to fix them is employees. According to the finding of research with planning the programs related to employees, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, will be added to improve the weaknesses of the organization, and thus enhancing the business of organizations excellence model.

An investigation of the relationship between coaching license and communication skills among wrestling coaches in mashhad

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Mohammad Reza Ismaeelzade, Hassan Doust Mohammadi* and Kamran Faraee

The main purpose of the present research was to investigate the relationship between coaching license and communication skills among wrestling coaches in Mashhad city. The statistical population of the research consisted of all 1, 2, and 3-licensed coaches of whom 70 people were selected randomly as the sample of the research. The instrument for measuring the data was Barton JL (1990)’s communication skills questionnaire which consisted of 18 questions categorized into 4 indices. Besides, through the questionnaire, some individual characteristics of the examinees (coaches) such as impactof age, experience, etc. were investigated. Additionally, descriptive statistics was applied to describe demographic features, as well as Spearman test and ANOVA to investigate the relationship and difference among the variables of the research. The results of Spearman correlation test indicated that no significant and positive relationship was found between coaching license, coaching experience, age, and level of wrestling coaching and communication skills (P>0.05); there was a significant relationship only between coaching license and communication skills (P<0.05). The comparison of the average of predictive indices in the research revealed that there is no difference among them (P>0.05). Therefore, at the end, it can be stated that increase in the level of the coaches’ education in Mashhad city may contribute to boost the ability to develop effective communication between coaches and players.

The Relationship between Personality Traits (Self-Esteem, Self-Efficiency, and Self-Concept) and Growth Barriers in Physical Education Professors of Universities and Women Personnel of Offices in Mashhad

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M.R. Ismaeelzadeh*, S. Ghenaati, M. Rangian and S. Fallah

The purpose of this research was study the relationship between personality traits (self-esteem, self-efficiency, and self-concept) and growth barriers in physical education professors of universities and women personnel of offices in Mashhad. The target population included all female professors of physical education in universities, and sports organizations female staff, in the city of Mashhad. The sample study was equal to population size (whole number), and accordingly the number of 65 questionnaire, (80 percent) in due time returned, that as a statistical sample were introduced, and responded to the standard questionnaires of barriers to women's advancement to a management position in the organization of Moqimi, (1390) Self-Esteem Inventory of Coopersmith (1967) Self-Efficacy Questionnaire of Scherrer et al., (1982) and Self-Concept Questionnaire A and B of Rogers (1987). The method in this research is descriptive- correlation. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for normality in inferential variables was used, and independent t test, Pearson correlation test methods and Spearmen in significant level of 0.05= α will also use. The findings showed that between personality traits (self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-concept) and obstacles advancement of women (the glass ceiling) is indirect and meaningful relationship. Such that enhances self-esteem, self-concept, self-efficacy, reduce the perceived glass ceiling barriers, and reduce the perceived of obstacles glass roof, is reduced glass roof.