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Evaluation of correlation between steatosis and fibrousis in liver biopsy of patients with hepatitis C

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Neda Nasirian*, MojganKarbakhsh davary and Fatemeh Hagimanoochehri

Background and objectives: Presence of association between statosis and necroinflammatory index also fibrousis in liver biopsy of patients with hepatitis C is controversial between different resources and in this study,we want to evaluate correlation between steatosis and fibrousis. Materials and methods: We studied 97 liver biopsy slides of patients with hepatitis c which have been refered to Booali hospital and determined the prevalence of steatosis also necroinflammatory index and stage of fibrosis in each case and presence of relationship between steatosis and fibrousis was analysed by independent sample T student test using SPSS version 10 and P value less than. /.5 considered significant. Results: The prevalence of steatoisis in patients with hepatitis c was 55/7%.There was meaning full correlation between presence of steatosis and stage of fibrousis also necroinflammatory grade. Conclusion: According to this study which confirm some other previous studies,presence and severity of steatosis in a HCV infected patient fibrouseprogresion.

Effect of Sport Brands on Loyalty in Sport Customers

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M. Khorsandi Fard*, R. Ismaeelzadeh and R. Ramshini

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of sports brand on sport customer loyalty and its components in terms of behavior, and attitude. Statistical population of the research was professional and semi-professional and sports athletes of clubs them users of the authentic sport brands and due to the unlimited volume of society according to Morgan 386 samples were selected. The measuring instruments included questionnaire of brand loyalty of Taylor and the validity was confirmed by experts and its reliability was measured by Cranach’s alpha test 0/88. For data analysis, descriptive statistics and Kolmogorov - Smirnov, Spearman correlation coefficient and multiple regression were used. The findings suggest that the variables of brand have a significant positively correlated with behavioral loyalty but from the components of brand, resistant to change and feel have not significant effect on attitudinal loyalty Based on regression analysis. According to the results recommended the organization of production and sports services must be scheduled to increase behavioral and attitudinal loyalty of their customers and through the factors related to brand and develop them have a loyal and valuable customers for their own sport productions.

An Introduction to Privacy and Distances between Humans in Modern Architecture

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Vahid Alaeddin*, Matin soofi and Iman Tazike Lemeski

Currently, security, privacy and distances between humans have become a concern of modern human. Different people consider a certain form of privacy and distance between each other for their individual and collective life. This study compares and analyzes discussions on privacy and distances between humans. This study explains the concept of privacy and distance for better understanding and realization of these concepts in personal life. For this purpose, the subject of privacy and distance was extracted from all aspects including architecture, psychology, sociology, medicine and religion. Considering the significance of distance and privacy and its effect on life and social relationships between modern humans, this review used documentary studies and qualitative method to show that extent of distances can be influenced by cultural environment; moreover, extent of distances plays an important role in workspace and its effect on production efficiency and selection of commodities. There is no theoretical consensus and single definition for concepts of privacy and distance, because all environmental, psychological, cultural, social and religious factors should be considered for definition of these concepts. Therefore, the concept of privacy and distance is a relative, multilateral concept which is dependent on cultural environment.

Effect of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Physical Education Teachers in Mashhad

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M.R. Ismaeelzadeh*, M.R. Anjomshoa and M. Khorsandi Fard

This study aimed to investigate the effect of transformational leadership and organizational citizenship behavior. This study was a descriptive correlational study and in terms of purpose is applied research. The study population comprised of the physical education teachers in Mashhad that their number was 1,300 and table 386 were selected as statistical samples of research. Data collection tools included two questionnaires leadership style Bass and Avolio (2004) and organizational citizenship behavior Podsakoff et al (1990), and the validity of which has been approved by ten sports management and reliability to the test Cronbach's alpha of 0/88 to 0/79 questionnaire leadership style and organizational citizenship behavior was calculated. To analyze the data from the test Kolmogorov - Smirnov, Pearson correlation and structural equations were used. The results showed that among all the components of transformational leadership and organizational citizenship behavior and there was a positive correlation. According to the research findings suggest that school administrators and experts responsible for education efforts in the development of transformational leadership style and develop physical exercise and training in community and increased sport participation to students.