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Determination of air pollution status in Iran Central Iron Ore Company, Bafgh/Summer 2013

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Abdolhossein Rezaipoor Baghedar*, Hassan Vagharfard, Hamid Reza Azimzadeh, Hamid Gholami and Yahya Esmailpoor

Without a doubt the most comprehensive way to achieve sustainable development, is environmental protection and control environmental pollutions. This study was carried out to determine the status of air pollution in Iran Central Iron Ore Company in the summer of 1392 in the desert area Bafgh. Air sampling of the company performed at 11-point and parameters Co, No, No2, So2 and H2s was measured. Then resulting data evaluated using SPSS and Excel software. The results showed that the contamination factor (PI) for all parameters measured at the level of 100% of sample contamination is low. Also according to the IPI and MCd index, all of contamination measured showed very low levels of pollution. In general, air of Iran Central Iron Ore Company, in turn measured summer 92 has no pollutant. However, it is suggested changes to check and monitor the pollution in different seasons.

Quran and Heavens

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Roya khalili Doabi

The heaven is one of the subjects, which has noticed in particular in Holy Quran. God considers the creation of heaven, as his sign, and it has mentioned in many Ayah, in Holy Quran. This book with mentioning some properties, is advised Man to thinking and reflection about heaven, so he can find out God's traits and glory. In seven Ayah in Holy Quran, seven heaven is mentioned. Yet, new cosmology sciences, did not found any sing of this proposition. . It has caused that some groups, with Adherence to this subject, emphasis on the conflict between science and religion. Because of this, this study is purposed to attention and thinking in Qur'anic Ayah, and also investigating the idea of great Islamic philosopher and Interpreters in the area of Qur’anic proposition of Seven Heavens. While clarifying the concept and evidence of this proposition, it proofs the correlation and matching of science and religion.

The relationship between Job-employee fitness and satisfaction among high-school teachers in Malayer city, academic year2013-14

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Jahan Sepahvand

The purpose of the present work is to identify a suitable personality type for the job as high-school teacher. Out of statistic society (400 high-school teachers in Malayer City) a sample group of 198 members was selected through stratify sampling using Kerjsi and Morgan’s table. Total of 2 main hypotheses and 5 subsidiary hypotheses were defined. Two questionnaires, one for job personality and one for job satisfaction were used for data gathering. Data analyses were carried out using statistics tools such as frequency distribution table, Spearman correlation test, ration test, independent group ‘t’ test, Chi square of 2 variable, Chi square of 1 variables in SPSS software. Results of the tests on the main hypotheses showed that the participants – high school teaches – have well-fitted personality type with their job and there is a correlation between job-employee fitness (from personality viewpoint) and job satisfaction. In general term, results showed, in ascending order, that teachers are mainly satisfied with their salary, promotion, supervisor, the job, and colleagues and the fact is that the level of satisfaction for the these items was higher than the average level.