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Optimization and design of wind and solar hybrid system with battery storage using the PSO algorithm considering the economic constraints (Case Study in Ardabil province)

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Shahryar Amani*, Ardeshir Arash and Homayoon Ebrahimian

Wind and photovoltaic systems due to the possibility of direct conversion of solar and wind energy to electrical energy is one of the most common applications of renewable energy that are considered .this article aims improving load factor in specific areas, using the PSO algorithm The use of hybrid systems connected to the network. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm, a sample study in Ardabil province was conducted on a sample of residential posts. Target Feasibility of a photovoltaic system - connected wind to determine the optimal capacity of the battery and the optimal size and number of wind turbines to supply part of the time mail is checked so that the load factor load curve and the curve finally post on Optimal be corrected. Simulation results PV system - grid connected wind-powered battery backup in load factor correction curve shows the usage of this post intended to reduce peak load and minimize the total cost of production during the life system, which uses the PSO algorithm with constriction factor determining the optimal size of these resources and minimize the cost function and efficiency of the system in different conditions of performance real-time information and be examined Ardabil Meteorological .The results, confirmed the validity of the proposed model.