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International Conference on Management, Economic and Accounting
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Blue Apple Publications

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Conference Topics

Anthropology, Banking, Business Studies, Business Intelligent, Business Management, Behavioral Finance, Change Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation, Case Studies on Data Management, Monitoring and Analysis, Category Management, City Management, Corporate Governance, Customer Relation Management, Data Mining, Data Models for Production Systems and Services, Data Exchange issues and Supply Chain, Data Life Cycle in Products and Processes, Demand Analysis, Economy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Electronic Business, Energy management, Engineering Management, E-Learning, e Commerce, e-Business and e-Government, Economics, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Entrepreneurship in Organizations, Entrepreneurship and Society, Financial Economics, Financial Management, Financing Ventures, Finance Analysis, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Human-Computer Interaction, Introduction to Finance, International Finance, Investment Management, Information Management, Information Security, Information Security, Interoperability, Investment Analysis, Knowledge Management, Logistics Management, Marketing, Management, Marketing and Selling Skills, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Data Management, Marketing, Marketing for Enterprises, Organizational Behavior, Online Community, Online Marketing, Online Society, Public Finance, Peer to Peer Data Management, Process Management, Quality Control, Risk management, Rural Development, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Sociology and Psychology, Strategic Management, Semantic Web, Ontologies and Rules, Serving Science, Strategic Management, System Analysis, Total Quality , Management, Technical Innovation, Technology Management, Transportation Management, Temporal and Spatial Databases, Ubiquitous Systems.